Journal 3

Kilfinane Coshlea Historical Journal 2005 Volume 3 


Table of Contents

  • Place Names of Coshlea
  • Other Days in Limerick's Athletic History
  • Cattle Raiding in the Galtee Mountains
  • Kilfinane Chess Club
  • The ancient Parish of Galbally
  • weather Recording at Mount Russell
  • If my Memory Serves me Right
  • Ballinvreena Foot Beagles
  • Oliver's Mill
  • Fr. Sheehy and his Executioner
  • Grand Jury Presentments
  • Kilfinane Church
  • Anne O'Sullivan
  • The Last Defender
  • The Sisters in Kilfinane
  • Raheenamadra
  • The Travelling People
  • Fragments of Lost Census
  • The Shraharla Ambush
  • Duntryleague
  • Lewis Prytherch's Manuscript
  • Researching your Locality

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