Journal 2

Kilfinane Coshlea Historical Journal 2003 Volume 2 


Table of Contents

  • Retreat of O'Sullivan Beara
  • Memories of Jimmy Lehane
  • Up My Sleeve
  • Mce Meade-A Freedom Fighter
  • The East Limerick Fighting Squad
  • The Hiring Fair
  • Royal Forts of Coshlea
  • The Slieveragh Poem
  • Changed Times at Castle Oliver
  • Coshlea Poem (Extract)
  • Griston Bog
  • Liam Manahan
  • Ballylanders Town Hall Poem
  • Maple Ballroom
  • The Burning of Glenosheen
  • The Moore-Abbey
  • The Legend of Moore-Abbey
  • Istabraq
  • A Man before His Time
  • The Staker Wallace Band
  • Ballinahinch
  • The Gascoignes
  • Charge of Riot over Priest House
  • Johnny Patterson
  • The Rise & Fall of the Local Creameries
  • The Touring Show
  • Glenaree Urn Burial
  • When Work Meant Work
  • Glenbrohanes Famous Sons
  • The Famine (poem)
  • Building an Irish Ireland
  • Koncklong Ambush Hero
  • The Staker (Poem)
  • Forestry in Kilfinane Area
  • Tribute to J.J. Flanagan
  • Memories of Sister Bridget
  • The Walking Salesman
  • Successful Drama Festival
  • Gold in Bulgaden
  • Gold in Bulgaden (poem)
  • Don't judge Others Too Harshly

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